My Recent Purchase - Choosing a double ended (twin) bath

image 1We have been planning to replace our old bath for a while now. The previous owners had put fitted a Whirlpool style system in, which was boxed into a tiled framework. At first (before trying it) we were quite excited at the promise of a supposedly expensive bath. However it was awful. When the jets were turned on, it sounded like a plane taking off. My main issue though was how to keep it clean. It seemed to store the old water in its pipes and every time we used it, black muck would shoot out the jets. So we bought all the correct cleaners, regularly tried to clear out the water out of the jets but still found it gross to use.

Our good plumber had a look and said that it had been installed wrongly so that the pipes would always collect stagnant water. So a decision was made - a new bath needed to be installed.

Following the experience of my disappointed parents in buying a bath without test driving (so to speak!) it, I was determined to find a comfortable bath. I visited lots of bath showrooms but found no double ended baths on display that I could get into. Some baths had a very serve angle to them that looked very uncomfortable. There were loads of styles to choose from on the net but still no chance to sit in them first. Finally as I was running out of time and there was a sale on,I took a risk and blindly bought a bath - Shaftesbury Twin Ended from B & Q (it had three good buyers reviews). Cooke & Lewis Shaftesbury Acrylic Twin Ended Bath

It arrived on time as promised. Unfortunately my plumber was now busy and it had to sit in my front hallway for over a month which got lots of comments from visitors! The one thing that worried me when I first saw it was how thin the acrylic was. It does say in its advertising blurb "Our Shaftsbury acrylic baths are reinforced for strength whilst being lightweight to help with transportation and installation". My plumber convinced me that this was usual for modern baths and once properly fitted I would not notice.


Now the bath is fitted, I am extremely happy with it. It does not use as much water as the last bath so it is more economical and the bath water stays hot for some time. The only surprising feature of the bath, which I could not see in the advertising photo or blurb is one end, is molded slightly differently to the other side. There is a gentle step in the curve of the left side. At first I thought it would prove to be uncomfortable when sitting at that end but neither I (5ft 5) nor my husband (6ft) notice it. Sitting at the other end I find it handy as my feet rest against it very nicely and I no longer keep slipping down unable to lie still.

We fitted the Timeless ceramic bath taps and pop up waste from B & Q. First time I have bought a pop up waste like this. It looks fine (maybe a little bulky) but beware if you are like my husband who likes deep baths, there is no way (that I can find) to block up the over flow. Before with the traditional plug style, my husband put a spare plug to cover the overflow and could then have much deeper baths. This adaption is no longer possible with a pop up waste.





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