Renovation of Sash & Casement Windows

image 1Original windows in a period property can often make a big aesthetical difference in the appearance of the house by adding value and character.

Since the introduction of uPVC there has been a trend to rip out wooden windows and replace them with a plastic version in an attempt to improve the insulation of the house. Home owners are under a constant pressure to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Replacing the original wooden windows does not have to be your only option. New methods of draft proofing can be used on sash windows very successfully.

"It can cost money," says Mr Wood. "I've seen jobs carried out very cheaply and carried out with great costs." The important thing to bear in mind, he says, is that repair is often cheaper than replacement with uPVC. BBC: A plague of plastic windows?

A well maintained wooden window can last over a hundred years. As well as any other period feature of your home it will need regular attention.

To maintain a working sash window you will need to:

  1. Repaint every 5 to 7 years depending upon it's exposure to the weather.
  2. Look for rot, especially on the bottom rail (see repairs to a bottom rail below)
  3. Broken planes of glass need to be replaced and the putty needs to be inspected.
  4. Check and test the window seals when closed. Draft proofing can be fitted around the window channels.
  5. Fill the gaps that may appear between frame and the wall with a paintable latex caulk.

Replacing existing timber windows with new, double glazed windows is often promoted as a means of combating heat loss, draughts, dust ingress and providing perceived improvements to sound insulation and security. However research has shown that double glazed replacement of existing windows is not cost effective in comparison with other energy conservation measures. In fact your existing windows can be upgraded at a lower cost to bring these benefits whilst still retaining the original features and style which give character to your home. Historic Scotland


To make improvements on your sash windows you may wish to add:

image 1

  1. Safety glass, which reduces the risk of accidents.
  2. Double glazed sealed units can be added to a sash to reduce noise and heat loss.
  3. Security products can be fitted like wooden sash stops and heavy duty sash fasteners.
  4. Soundproofing secondary window.

Draught proofing can be achieved with perimeter sealing brushes fixed into staff and parting beads without altering the window’s appearance. It can be fitted cheaply and unobtrusively to timber windows and bring them up to modern performance standards. Sash Window London

Professional refurbishment of sash & casement windows can:

  1. Replace a rotten section of a window frame.
  2. Replace a cracked or broken glazing pane.
  3. Repair the top or bottom section of the frame or sill.
  4. Replace the cord or lead sash weight.
  5. Improve movement of both top and bottom sashes which would ensure a smooth sliding movement and get rid of rattles and wobbles.
  6. Fit an airlock system which would help to ventilate a room. This is an excellent security measure against intruders but also as a safety element to protect small children from climbing out of an upper floor window.

Your sash windows can be soundproofed by use of acoustic or noise reducing glass, or you may opt for double glazing units which are manufactured to be thin enough to fit within the original sash window frame. Alternatively, a secondary window can be fitted to reduce heat loss and eliminate noise, and which can easily be removed during the warmer summer months. Sash Window London


Repairs and replacement to a bottom rail of a casement window

image 1Before





image 1Before






image 1During






image 1After





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"The Window Care System is an international product and by using a unique epoxy resin repair system we can revive your decayed and damaged timber sash or casement windows. This system has been specifically developed for "insitu" repairs therefore not requiring glazing to be removed."Sash Repairs



Double glazing vs. original wooden frames


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