Period House Style: The Victorian House 2
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With the rise in the middle classes, social mobility created a new generation that wanted to show off their possessions. The Victorians loved collecting and displaying their new found wealth. Walls were covered in paintings; display cabinets were full of vases, ornaments and other treasures. Entertaining was important to the Victorian house owner. Furniture was crammed into rooms in anticipation of guests. A card table, drinks cabinet and a piano was on most Victorian homes wish list.

Rooms that received and entertained guests had the most elaborate furnishings. In the smaller houses it would have been the hallway and front parlour and in larger homes it would also include the dining and drawing room. Other rooms that were not used by guests would have been sparse and simpler in comparison.

The Victorians loved strong colours and bold patterns. The walls would have had large carved skirting and picture rails, heavy patterned wallpaper and topped with large ornate coving. Traditionally the Victorian house style had a heavy, cluttered, dark interior that was not afraid to mix patterns and colours.


Interior Key features of the Victorian Home

Mouldings, rails and architraves

Encaustic tiles



Leaded Glass



Wooden Flooring


Mid - late Victorian Detatched

1 Gothic features, 3 Italianate windows, 4 Steep pitch roofs, 5 Victorian Villa 1893






Victorian Houses and their Details

Victorian Gothic House Style

Victorian House Style


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