Wood Stove Installation

image 1 We were replacing a 1950's gothic arched tiled fireplace. Although, rather fond of this fireplace its proportions were too small for the 1920's room. We decided to replace it with a multi fuel stove that would increase the heat output and reduce fuel costs. A stove can produce eight times more heat than an open fire.


image 1The tiled surround and hearth was taken away and the chimney thoroughly swept.




image 1The 27ft flexible stainless steel liner was positioned down the chimney.




image 1The original chimney pot broke when it was removed. It was replaced with a raincap.






image 1 The 6" liner should have been fine for the 10" x 10" Chimney but because of the untidy mortar within the chimney the liner became stuck. This happened within the chimney breast in the room above. Two holes were taken out of the internal wall to open up the cavity. The blockage was cleared and the wholes refilled and plastered.


image 1









image 1 The chimney liner is successfully down and the end can be seen in the open fireplace.







image 1A Cotswold Sandstone base is laid onto a cement base.







image 1The connecting flue pipe is joined to the end of the liner.










image 1An original 1920's oak surround was attached to the wall using secret brackets.







image 1 Skamolex, a fire retardant fibre board was used to line the exposed brickwork. A galvanized steel register plate sealed off the bottom of the chimney opening.





image 1Close up of oak surround with Cotswold Stone slip and scammel .







image 1Deciding on the right hearth and slips proved to be difficult. I needed a material that would blend between the oak surround and the enamelled stove. I felt slate and granite would be too dark and marble too glossy for the oak. Stone seemed to be the right choice. Limestone was the cheaper and quicker option but I felt it looked too cold and grey. The final choice came down to Cotswold Stone. This proved to be the most expensive option and the longest waiting times for delivery - around 6 weeks.




image 1 There is a large array of stoves on the market today. I did not want a olde-worlde stove as it was not in keeping with the period of the house. However, i did not want a contemporary style as that would not sit well with the 1920's oak surround. Recomendation is the best option and i had been advised to look at the cast iron stoves as they retained their heat for longer. The Huntington 30 caught our eye for style and we felt the enamelled finsh gave it its edge. We have been recommended the Clearview stoves range and this would of been our second choice. They come with a great range of colour finishes, look attractive and give out a good heat output.

We are happy with the emmanel finish but have noticed it does chip easily. The supplied touch up paint pot does work very well.


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