Candle, Paraffin and Gas Lighting
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image 1 Candle and oil lamps continued to be the homes main light source right through the Georgian and Victorian period. With the discovery of paraffin in 1850's lamps became more desirable. Gas lighting first appeared in the Georgian period and was used for street lighting by 1816. It was not until the Victorian period that it became fashionable inside the homes. From the 1860's gas light hanging pendants, wall brackets and mobile table lamps became popular.

Electricity was discovered and the first successful light bulb was created by Thomas Edison in 1879. Gas continued to be popular in households and it was not until the First World War period that builders changed to electric lighting systems in all new homes.



1. Art Nouveau 2. Victorian 3. Victorian hanging pendant 4. 1940's
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Early 20th Century Lighting

Early 20th Century Lighting

Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps, Glass Kerosene Lamps

Oil Lamps, Glass Kerosene Lamps

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