Moderne Home: Metal Framed Windows
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image 1One of the most recognizable features of a Moderne style home was the curved windows. The �sun-trap� windows allowed as much sunlight into a room as possible.

Crittall, a company based in Braintree, was a manufacturer that is strongly identified with these windows. Hugely successful after the First World War when there was a demand for a new window that was low-cost and strong to handle the large sheets of glass that created that airy feel.

Steel windows cannot be replicated by aluminium, timber or plastic due to the fact that steel is a very strong material and hence the frame of the window can be a lot more slender than the alternatives, thus maximizing daylight by incorporating greater areas of glazing. Anglia Fixing - Crittal Homelight

Wrought iron, cast iron or mild steel have been used to make metal windows but it would probably been mild steel in the 1920's and 1930's houses. If Metal windows are well looked after they can last for centuries but with neglect, salt air and lack of protection rust and corrosion can set in. With the introduction of Galvanized metal in the 1950's, windows were dip coated into a solution that created a tough silvery finish that could be painted.




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