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Changing your home can be a daunting task. You can constantly ask yourself whether you are making the right decisions or wonder if you are ruining the character of the house. Looking at other people's home changes can help you visualize how your ideas might work.

The "How to guide" shows projects that have been done with links to further advice and sources.

If you would like to send in your own home projects to show on this site, please send them to subject: How to guide. Alternately you could add your own images and contribute to the Period House Style Archive Group on Flickr



This Months Feature

image 1Renovation of Sash & Casement Windows

Original windows in a period property can often make a big aesthetical difference in the appearance of the house by adding value and character.

Since the introduction of uPVC there has been a trend to rip out wooden windows and replace them with a plastic version in an attempt to improve the insulation of the house. Home owners are under a constant pressure to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Replacing the original wooden windows does not have to be your only option. New methods of draft proofing can be used on sash windows very successfully.

"It can cost money," says Mr Wood. "I've seen jobs carried out very cheaply and carried out with great costs." The important thing to bear in mind, he says, is that repair is often cheaper than replacement with uPVC. BBC: A plague of plastic windows?


Last Months Feature

image 1Wood Stove Installation

image 1 We were replacing a 1950's gothic arched tiled fireplace. Although, rather fond of this fireplace its proportions were too small for the 1920's room. We decided to replace it with a multi fuel stove that would increase the heat output and reduce fuel costs. A stove can produce eight times more heat than an open fire...


Latest News

Have a look at our Flickr photographs.

This digital photographic collection allows you to research hundreds of images on period design details. You can also contribute by added comments or starting relevant topic discussions. Opening up your own Flickr account will enable you to add your own images and contribute to the Period House Style Archive Group.


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Useful Research Websites

BBC Homes 1920's:

BBC Homes 1930's

Hidden House History

Francis Frith Photo Archive

The Geffrye Museum

English Architecture: Britain Express

Looking at Buildings: Pevsner Architectural Guides


Useful Links to Articles

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