Gable Ends
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image 1The Gable is the triangular end section of a pitched roof. Throughout the different housing periods builders have chosen to decorate this area with a wide range of styles and materials. From roughcast to simple timbering, popular in 1920's and 1930's, to elaborate carved woodwork from the Victorian and Edwardian periods.



1 & 2 Herringbone brickwork set within timber frames.

3 & 4 Simple shaped edged painted wooden barge boards. 5 & 6 Early 1800's Cottage Orne style.

georgian gable end1 georgian gable end2
georgian gable end3 georgian gable end4
georgian gable end5 georgian gable end6




1 & 2 Elaborate mid victorain bargeboards. 3 Decorative mock

timber framing. 4 Plain bargeboard topped with an ornate roof finial.5 Ornate gable ends 1882

Victorian gable end1 Victorian gable end2
Victorian gable end3 Victorian gable end4
Ornate gable end victorian 18825



1 - 4 Ornate carved wooden bargeboards with fish scale hanging tiles and painted timbering.

edwardian gable end1 edwardian gable end2
edwardian gable end3 edwardian gable end4


1920's - 1930's

1 & 2 Simpler mock timber framing.

mock tudor gable end1 mock tudor gable end2

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