Internal Doors
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image 1Hardwood were the prefered choice throughout the periods but due to their high costs, home owners would often choose to stain soft wood to look like hardwood or they painted the doors intead. The better quality doors were always used in the reception room and the cheaper simpler doors were out of sight in the upstairs bedrooms.






Due to a shortage of wood, the six framed panelled door was a popular style. The finest doors made in hardwoods would of been used on reception rooms and cheaper softwood painted doors would of been used upstairs. Door handles would of been simple lever style in the earlier period but changing to round or oval brass knobs in the later part of the Georgian period.





The most common style door used in the traditional victorian home would have been the four panelled door. Moudings would of been used but often on the sides only seen by guests.



Arts & Craft

Simple batten-plank doors with large exposed strap hinges were popular in the Arts & Craft period.

1. Hardwood bedroom door 2. Simple cupboard door which is part of a timber panelled room

1 2  

1920's & 1930's

1 & 2 Moderne style homes would likely have had painted softwood doors with geometric shapes of coloured glass, often using patterns of sun rays or chevrons. Door furniture tended to reflect the Hollywood fashion with chrome.

3 & 4 Traditional style doors would have used cast iron door furniture. Handles would often be two thirds of the way up.

1 2  
3 4  



"The best way of finding the right style of front door is to look at the other houses in the neighbourhood. Chances are you'll see the original style for your house, but don't try and commit it to memory always take a photo of the other doors before you choose one for you." Channel 4 Homes


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