Art Deco Style
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image 1Art Deco was one of the most dominant styles of the 1920's & 30's. It started as a high art luxurious style but soon became mass produced. Art Deco is often recognised by its repetitive use of zigzags, fan and chevron motifs.

Those who followed the "Modern Movement" choose new materials like tubular steel, plastics and veneered woods. Hollywood and Jazz had a major influence on the Moderne styles. A demand for bungalows seen in American films was met by builders and furniture reflected the glamour from Hollywood. The Modern Movement rejected traditional dark interiors and instead used stark clean lines and bright light colours. Large curved sun-trap windows allowed as much sunlight as possible to enter the house.

Furniture shapes were influenced by industry and technology. Strong geometric patterns could be found on soft furnishings, wallpapers and home ware. Clarice Cliff ceramics is an example of a popular home ware that used patterns of diamonds and triangles in bold contrasting colours.


"Furniture began to imitate architecture of the time. The most popular form to emulate were sky scrapers. Upholstered furniture took on a chunky boxy form, often with rounded edges." Professor Linda Nelson Johnson


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