Boundary Walls
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image 1A garden wall encloses your land, creating a boundary around your home. Older garden walls that surrounded period properties would have been made from local materials. A mix of brick, flint, slate or stone could have been used.

Once railways were used to distribute bricks all over the country, walls became mass produced and more uniformed in colour and style.


georgian brick wall

Victorian & Edwardian

victorian brick wall
victorian brick wall

1920's - 1940's

1940 brick wall
herringbone brick wall
boundary brick wall
brick wall

Post 1990

garden brick wall brick wall


If you are thinking about rebuilding or modifying a party wall (A wall is a "party wall" if it stands astride the boundary of land belonging to two or more different owners). Do discuss your plans with your affected neighbour's and local building control officer.

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