Louise Davies

image 1I have a degree in Photography and Multi Media and have worked as a photographer for 16 years. In 2006 I was employed to provide content for Spartacus Educational. This provided a great insight into the workings and future of the internet. I recognized the great success of Spartacus for history and decided to look at other areas not covered successfully on the internet. I started Freepedia in 2007 and have covered subjects ranging from travel to documentary photographers. My most recent research concentrates on period house style. While recently renovating and extending my own home I found a lack of research materials on the internet on period properties so have decided to develop a website on the subject. Each page covers the history of different periods with lots of photographic references and links to relevant products and further research.


Spartacus Educational

Wikipedia: Spartacus Educational


I can be contacted at louise@spartacus-educational.com

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